Tuesday, September 1, 1998

Football Mania!

Even the youngest Burke afflicted by testosterone induced football mania!

Imagine Karen's plight, living in a house full of men who are convinced they can change the course of a televised football game if they just concentrate hard enough,...

Any addiction is a sad thing. A sports addiction in a house full of boys is something on a completely different level. "Testosterone poisoning" doesn't even begin to capture the gravity of what goes on in this household during the football season.

This photo vividly portrays the state of things. But picking favorite teams and getting uniforms are just the beginning. Both Gerrit and Tucker had web sites devoted to their teams for some time, each of which developed quite a following. Thankfully they seem to have moved on to other pursuits now.

Not so their father. Since 1997, Dad's "NFL Picture" web page, has scored numerous awards and over 350,000 hits (most of which are him, according to the kids). With that kind of encouragement, the site seems to inspire the need to undergo a massive upgrade in each off-season. It's a proven "enabler" for thousands of other pathetic football addicts each season.

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