Monday, December 31, 2001

Titans-Packers Game

"Guy" Road-Trip to Nashville!
The Titans prove to be less than hospitable hosts
for the visiting Packers (much to Philip's chagrin)

Tennessee 26
Green Bay 20

The December '01 holiday season was special for lots of reasons, but the fact that we had tickets to see the Titans play Green Bay was certainly up there at the top of the list!

After coming up empty for the previous season, we finally got tickets to see the Titans, and better yet, they would be playing the Packers! The only down side was that we got the tickets in July and had to wait until December 16th for the game!

Though it hardly seemed possible at times during the next few months, December actually did arrive, and together with Dave's good friend Matt from work (and his dad), we headed for Nashville. Equipped with chairs, a tarp, Matt's TV and grill, lots of cokes, and more food than we could possible eat, we tailgated for few hours while watching the early games.

We painted up the boys' faces and chomped on some delicious steaks, and then, when we couldn't stand to wait any longer, we headed over to Adelphia Coliseum to see the Titans and Packers.

The game was great, and the Packers had their chance right up to the last few minutes, but the Titans prevailed, which pleased Tucker quite a bit since the rest of us were pulling for the Packers :-)

It was a great time, and mom says we can make it an annual tradition!

Over the next couple of days after the game, we scanned through the videotape to see if we could spot ourselves, but the network execs apparently weren't aware that we were there.

Guess we'll just have to get better seats next time :-)

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