Monday, December 17, 2007

Tuck's new job

It looks as if Tucker may have finally found his calling! It's true that he's still in high school, but after working in the kitchen at Guthrie's and singing for tips at Cold Stone Creamery, he was pretty sure that the fast food industry wasn't what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

It turns out that Grissom High School has a program that allows students to work as part of their studies, so Tuck took a shot and asked his orthodontist, Dr. Dickson, if he might be interested in having a co-op student. Turns out "Dr D" was very interested and after all the paperwork was submitted, Tuck donned his mask and started what may be the coolest job ever! Dr D has been great about teaching Tuck all about the job, and has even allowed Tuck to do some of the work on select individuals (brother Philip included). He's made molds of people's teeth, created retainers, inserted spacers, and a host of other things that most guys probably never get a chance to do until dental school. But most of all he's learned that the right front-office person can make or break a practice - Cathy is AWESOME at keeping both of the guys in line :-)

Time will tell if this ends up being the start of a lifelong occupation for Tuck, but at least for now he's having a blast while learning a lot with a couple of great people.

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