Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Music City Bowl

Football Road-Trip!

Auburn and Wisconsin play neck-and-neck, until fourth quarter turn-overs give the
Tigers the Edge

Auburn 28
Wisconsin 14

Our annual "guy" road trip to a football game nearly didn't happen this year; since all attempts to get tickets to an NFL game were frustrated. Then, through some quirk of holiday magic, we were able to get four seats to the "Music City Bowl". It's not exactly one of the biggies, but it was close (played in the Titans stadium in Nashville) and it happened that Auburn was playing, so it was almost a home game!

What was even better was that, through no conscious effort on Santa's part, our tickets ended up being "Club" seats. That meant that our seats adjoined an indoor club with concessions, big screen TVs, and lots of sofas and easy chairs. So, while the rest of the unwashed masses fought their way to and from the stadium concessions and bathrooms from their seats, we just went into the club and were treated like kings!

After the game, we reclined in the club until the unwashed masses cleared out :-)

The boys never actually got on TV, but that didn't stop us from faking it! (see below)

For all of the amenities, the game also turned out to be a doozy! It was back and forth through most of the game. There were just six minutes remaining in the 4th quarter when the game finally broke open. Auburn capitalized on a turnover and never looked back.

So, our third annual football road trip was another awesome success, and it leaves us wondering what next year will bring,...

Check out the picture on the Jumbo-tron! (the game-time camera guys missed us,
but we fixed that with a little photo manipulation!)

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