Sunday, December 15, 2002

Second Annual Football Road Trip!

Seattle vs. Atlanta at the Georgia Dome

After our trip to see the Packers play the Titans last year, Karen decided she liked the idea of getting a whole Sunday to herself once a year. So, when the tickets went on sale last summer, we looked at our options and decided (well, DAVE decided) that since Seattle was to be visiting in Atlanta, it was time to see the Seahawks again!

After a couple of weeks, we got our tickets and started making plans for Dec 15th.

Since Atlanta's MARTA system has a station out on the Alabama side of the city and drops off right at the Georgia Dome, we decided we'd give that a shot and hope to avoid the game traffic. It ended up working out great!

We checked out our seats beforehand on the Georgia Dome web site. It has a great utility that creates a picture of what you'll see from any seat in the stadium, and it turned out to be right on! Compare the result at right with the picture we took from our seats above. Pretty cool!

We arrived about 1 1/2 hours before game time and were able to see several of our favorites players warming up. That's Michael Vick below.

Of course, the best part of the game was,...well, the GAME! And in this particular case it was better than we could have dreamed,...lots of exciting plays, down to the wire drama, and the Seahawks actually won it in overtime! The final score was 30 -24. You can check out the NFL films highlights at, but for all our enthusiasm and sign waving, we don't appear in the clips. Oh well, maybe next time :-)

We're already saving our nickels for next year,...maybe it'll be the Raider's turn this time,...

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