Wednesday, September 12, 2001

September 11

What could our family do to help?!

The events of September 11th will be burned into our memories for the rest of our lives. Like many others in the days following the attacks, we struggled to find something,...ANYthing, we could do to feel like we were helping. Sitting around the TV and watching the news over and over sure wasn't making us feel any better.

So, Karen came up with the idea of us doing a family project. We decided to try and raise money for the Red Cross by selling items we made, then set about thinking of things each of us could create. The boys made patriotic bracelets, with red, white and blue beads. Karen made little pins with bows made of red, white and blue ribbon. We twisted pipe cleaners into little praying figures. We made gallons of lemonade. We each made posters. Then we packed it all into the car for the next day.

Bright and early on Saturday morning we headed over to the parking lot adjacent to our local super market and set up our little operation. We weren't sure what would happen.

The response was overwhelming! All morning long there were cars driving buy and honking their horns in support. Many people stopped just to see what was going on, but as the morning went along, more and more people stopped to give. The items we brought became "thank-you" gifts for donations, instead of sale items, and by the time we were done, folks had ended up donating over $450!

The next day we presented the money to Barry Porter, the North Alabama regional director for the Red Cross, who happens to go to our church. He accepted the donation with thanks, and several weeks later we received the certificate below. Still, for us the best part of the whole thing was seeing so many people express their patriotism and generosity.

God has truly blessed America!