Friday, July 25, 2003

Last Gasp of Summer

Road Trip to Georgia!
to see the Wilsons, Stone Mountain and Six Flags

Alabama public schools are moving closer and closer to a year-round schedule, so the boys are scheduled to start on August 6th this year. As the end of July rolled around, we realized we really hadn't had much of a vacation yet, so we started thinking about where we might go.

We found out that Megan and Laurel were going to be starring in their church's production of "Solid Rock Cafe" on a Sunday night, so we decided to head toward Atlanta and make it a long weekend.

We kept the boys in suspense until we were right outside of Atlanta, which drove Tucker, in particular, nuts.

The show was great, hilighted by Megan's solo, and by Laurel's winning one of the chalk drawings that had been used on the set.

We set off from the church to Stone Mountain, to see the famous laser light show. THAT was cool! We arrived in time to see the sites before it got dark, then settled in with a few thousand of our closest friends to watch the light show.

We drove back to Amy's house for the night, where we were graciously admitted despite the late hour.

The next morning we were greeted with a handsome breakfast, and then we set off for Six Flags. It's been a while since we've been to Six Flags. As near as we can figure from these pictures (taken at the same location at Six Flags) it's been something like five or six years! The boys seem to have gotten a lot older, but Karen and I appear to be much the same :-)

We stayed the entire day, until they closed up at 9 pm. Along the way, we rode all the rollercoasters and major rides, walked about a hundred miles, and drank gallons of coke. All in all, a pretty good trip.

Karen and Gerrit in the front car of the Ninja

Much needed refreshment

Gerrit and Tuck preparing for "Acrophobia"

Another great ride!