Thursday, July 15, 2004

Willowbrook in Miranda

Our church's first official mission trip
to our partner church in Venezuela

In the midst of an already hectic summer of trips and travel, we set out in July with the first group from our church to visit our partner church in Miranda, Venezuela.

The memories are still fresh, and there are far more stories to be told than can be captured here, but the following list may give you a glimpse:

  • making the best time through the Miami airport,...or not
  • Eric getting searched,..every timedifferent booth, different exchange rate
  • 24 people, one house, two bathrooms
  • "Te alabare, te glorificare!"
  • journaling
  • Pastor Jimmy
  • street evangelism"Whassup? Whassup wichu?"
  • Philip having a rough night,...all night
  • don't eat the lettuce or the tomatoes!
  • meditations at the new property
  • playing ERS
  • Marcial and Rachel
  • de-lousing
  • walking through the squatter village
  • Katie playing soccer in the street
  • racing Tim to the shower
  • nametags
  • Samuel the bus driver
  • the sloths
  • Pastor Roberto Tucker preaching
  • down time at the farm
  • teaching American football
  • arepas, cachapas, and tequenos
  • the parrot
  • balloon animals
  • Si bueno!
  • getting outside our comfort zones
  • Pequeno Juan! Grande Juan!
  • team picture!
  • chasing down scooters and cars with tracts
  • do I need to brush with bottled water?
  • Marcial's broken arm
  • end-of-trip party at Samuel and Ana
  • Maria Prato's
  • Dios te bendiga!
  • little David
  • the souvenir shop
  • we need to have a short team meeting when we get back!
  • is the pool water OK?
  • iguanas at the international hotel
  • hey Tuck, you feelin' the heat?
  • farewell gifts at the new property
  • does everyone have their buddy?
  • the saxophone and the trumpet
  • the bus can't get through, we'll have to
  • walk
  • line dancing on the football field
  • sleeping in hammocks
  • a total of eight checkpoints before getting on the airplane in Valencia
  • we're millionaires! (in Bolivares anyway)
  • Hermana Josefa
  • opting for ice cream instead of seeing a second park
  • testimonies at the temple
  • signing t-shirts
  • Miguel, Lenin, Manuel, and all the rest

Check out our slide show!