Thursday, April 15, 2004

Famous relatives!

Maltsberger appears on the History Channel!

Our brother-in-law David Maltberger was one of the esteemed Biblical historians tapped to share his expertise during an Easter week '04 History channel show about warfare and technology in biblical times.
The show was an episode of a regular series called "Bible Tech".

Here's the teaser from the History Channel web site:

Easter Week Programming
Bible Tech
Arguably the most influential book ever written, the Bible provides a glimpse into the origins of ancient technology and its use to withstand the elements, build great structures, wage war, and conserve precious water. We examine the technological plausibility of biblical structures and machines--including the Tower of Babylon, the Temple of Jerusalem, ancient bronze and iron forging, and shipbuilding skills that might have been employed to build Noah's Ark.

Watch for it in reruns!