Thursday, April 15, 1999

Camping Trip

Camping at Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee

Spring Break 1999 was kicked off with a family camping trip up to Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee. Not only was this our first chance to use some of the camping gear that Santa brought us at Christmas, it was also our first real solo camping trip as a family. We picked Fall Creek Falls State Park based on the recommendations of friends, having never even heard of the place before, and we were THRILLED with the place! There are actually several falls at the park, including the name sake, which is reputed to be second only to Niagara in height in the eastern US.

The campground was also wonderful, and we found a really nice site, where the boys quickly engineered a first-rate campfire. The weather cooperated nicely, even considering the short thunderstorm that blew through late on our second afternoon there. The rain and wind stayed around just long enough to give us confidence in the integrity of our tents, then blew away to reveal that Tennessee has WAY more stars than Huntsville!

A return trip is already in the works, and this time we're bringing our bikes!

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